Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 121,

Captain Phil Valente will be in the LGA Terminal Crew Room from 12 until 2PM today for a question and answer session.

Please feel free to come buy and chat.

Thank you all for the calls and email regarding the USAir proposal. Your attention to detail and input into the process was incredibly helpful in guiding us at the table.

Due to the dearth of calls both Sam and I have received and continue to get as a result, it appears that I have discovered the cap on my voice mail. With over 150 messages, I will work to clean out the voice mail over the next few days and will return as many calls as I can. Realize that there are others that have critical issues that need to be dealt with.
We will try to address the general issues in our email blast, that being said, you may not get a call back. if your call does require a specific response not critical in nature, it may take me a while to return your call.

If you do have a need and can not get through, contact me via text message and email or call Sam.
If you are unable to get through to him, contact the MEC office at 877 egl alpa.

Thanks for your support and activism!

Phil Valente