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Thread: MEC Chair messege

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    MEC Chair messege

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    Message from the Chairman

    Fellow Eagle Pilots:

    I've made a number of commitments to you both during my campaign and since my election last August. I sought this position to return the direction of our pilot group back into the hands of the membership and away from a cabal of individuals who staunchly believed that they knew what was best for everyone, whether you agreed with them or not. A cornerstone of that effort has been to re-establish a line of communication between the line pilots and their local representatives. Another key component has been returning authority to the MEC by including them in every significant area of our direction. The result has been a bargaining effort that represents the perspective provided by our membership. I also committed to force any agreement to live or die by its merits alone. We won't sell it, nor will we sabotage it. This is an extremely difficult line to walk, but we've managed to stick to that commitment.

    This week, our Vice-Chairman decided to deviate from that effort. Matt attempted to send, without my knowledge a letter that outlines his personal opinion of the TA. I read the letter once the attempt was discovered and decided that it was not consistent with our commitment to stay neutral. As a result, I chose not to send it. The letter then surfaced online and was distributed by management in every domicile via the chief pilots’ offices. Despite my concern over biased content, the letter includes a very valid viewpoint related to the tentative agreement. If you look past the political diatribe and get to the substance of his perspective, you will find a well thought out position that is shared by many of our pilots. I encourage everyone to read it from that standpoint and consider his arguments.

    The elements included in the current tentative agreement were achieved by having a clear understanding of what the pilot group expected and focusing our efforts on moving the company closer to a position that we can accept. The MEC decided that we are as close to that position as we can get in the current environment, and now it’s time for you to weigh in to decide if it should be ratified.

    I'm often asked for my personal opinion regarding where we are. In the spirit of staying neutral, I normally decline to answer that question and stick to the facts. I will take a moment here to point out some of my personal perspective:

    - I personally believe that AAG's assertion that pilots entering our profession will be willing to work for food stamp wages on the promise of a career at the mainline will prove to be false. Soon, American will not be the only carrier offering this type of career progression. We will initially see recruiting pick up until Delta or United adopt a similar model. Any concept that will succeed in attracting and retaining qualified pilots will require a compensation package that justifies the long road it takes to get here and recognizes the product we provide.

    - I believe that Pedro Fábregas is genuinely committed to making our carrier the largest and most successful airline in the regional industry. He has a level of motivation, loyalty, and energy never before seen at the helm of Eagle. The effort he makes is both visible and behind-the-scenes and I have confidence in his intentions.

    - I believe that the company may initially try and place some 175's at another carrier. I also believe that there is an equal chance that they won't be able to find a carrier that will ultimately be capable of staffing them. We have heard several versions of the company's "plan B". Each different version included a host of carriers that are all making public their challenges in finding qualified pilots to staff what they are currently flying. The idea that they could reliably add several thousand block hours to their already strained schedules seems unlikely. Even so, there are ways around those challenges. Make no mistake, the possibility that AAG decides to place the 175's elsewhere cannot be ignored.

    - I believe the language supporting the TA is nothing like the weak language we've fought in the past. There is no such thing as bulletproof language, but we have closed many loopholes that experience has taught us to identify. The proposed flow provisions are not Letter 3. Letter 3 no longer exists.

    - I believe that ALPA National has worked hard to aid our efforts. We benefit from a host of resources - everything from helping our negotiators verify the credibility of company financial claims, to access to extensive communication tools. Despite any perceived disconnect with Captain Moak's perspective on our profession, we are in complete agreement on how to achieve success in bargaining with AAG. Using his access and influence, Lee has managed to impact the process in a way that has allowed us to improve the agreement. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

    The MEC is ready to move forward beyond the vote regardless of the outcome. Read the agreement, ask questions, talk with your peers, and vote accordingly.

    BXXl SpXXXue
    MEC Chairman

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    Matt is a tony stooge and management lackie for over 8 years. leopard dont change spots.
    Sir, can I have another.

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