I stole this idea,
here goes:

3/4 year FO / $160k
401(k) $20k (100% match on 5% - not very good actually)
No bonus yet
Extra check for the jab - 2 days min guarantee pay
129 hours block for 2021 (44 hours is about what a normal month looks like)
142 days away from home.
Home based, positive space, we keep the air and hotel points.

Misc - No crashpads. Company credit card for overseas bag fees, admirals clubs, and stuff like that. Company Uber account for travel when hotel vans or limo service isn't reliable or is delayed. We're under 117 rest rules unlike most of the cargo ACMI's.

No, it's not a major, not even close. However it is a good gig with decent pay and we aren't working our nuts off by any means. Other than at the negotiating table, a very god working relationship with management.

(note - I'm schoolhouse now, so my flight hours and pay won't be typical of the normal guy from October on)