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    Would Doug

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    Parker do what nobody else have the guts to do...and be rewarded?

    Lehman Brother’s CEO
    Richard S Fuld Jr.
    was too big to fail but filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 on September 15, 2008.

    He received $484 million in salary, bonuses and stock options from 2000-2008.

    Now: Richard S Fuld Jr.
    Matrix Private Capital.

    Matrix Private Capital Group is a diversified asset management firm that provides advisory and alternative investment solutions to high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions.

    “Whatever it is, enjoy the ride. No regrets.”

    Eastern Airlines’s CEO
    Frank Lorenzo
    was a fierce warrior, after acquiring Continental Airlines in a hostile takeover and saddling it with enormous debt, submerged the company in Chapter 11 bankruptcy to wash it clean of its union contracts. He exited the industry in 1990 with a pocketful of money, walking away with about $30 million in proceeds from the sale, severance pay and salary.

    Lorenzo got an immediate cash severance payment of about $17.13 million, plus an additional $2.7 million paid over three years and a $10.8 million payment from his stake in Continental, for a total of $30.63 million.

    Now: Frank Lorenzo
    Savoy Capital, Inc.

    Savoy Capital, Inc. is an investment advisory firm. The Company invests in various areas as well as engages in private investment, venture capital, later stage situations and management led buyouts.

    "I'm not paid to be a candy ass. I'm paid to go and get a job done."

    -Eastern Airlines & Lehman Brother were too big to fail, but they did.-

    It doesn’t take a complicated analysis to figure out that the first major U.S. airline to go out of business will likely be the one that carries the most debt, the highest cash burn rate, the lowest margins, and the largest employee and plane-related costs.
    Taking these factors into consideration will revealed which major U.S. airline has the potential to go out of business.

    The powerful will always continue to walk,at the expense of others.

    "But we don't have jobs. Who's going to pay the payments on the houses?"
    ~ International Association of Machinists local headquarters in Miami.~

    American Airlines’s CEO
    Doug Parker
    Coming Soon?

    “Doug Parker Got It Right!”
    ~Frank Lorenzo~
    February 2013
    “I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.”

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    JC Penny just gave their CEO's millions in bonus money payments..... right before announcing bankruptcy.
    It was to retain qualified leadership during difficult times.....

    That is the trend. Big payoff's right before a BK
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