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That only means more furloughs, because there are quite a few 320’s that are not coming back, so 50% of the new fleet size, will require less than 7,000(active) pilots. Let’s hope by October demand is at least 50%. If not I would recommend to look the DOH of the guys in the 50%. That’s real drama! But everyone will have to wait.
At least United was honest, and told their guys “we only need 2,000 pilots.” Welcome to the Big Leagues...the drama doesn’t start until October...get good popcorn. You will need it. Like Beagleboy said “pilots should not assume the worst is over”...this hasn’t even started. Hope you never have to open and explain to your family a furlough letter, or wait another 10 years to flow...they both sucks! Time will tell how this compares to 9/11.
I agree