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Thread: Employee Engagement Survey

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    Employee Engagement Survey

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    I am a doctoral learner underthe direction of Professor Bridget Hester in the College of Doctoral Studies atGrand Canyon University. My name is Robin Crase. I am conducting a study to seeif there is a relationship between leader’s emotional intelligence and employeeengagement in the airline services industry. You may take part in this study ifyou are:
    • 18 years old or older
    • Work in or have worked in theairline services industry
    If you agree to be in thisstudy, you will be asked to:
    o The questionnaire will beadministered through SurveyMonkey®
    o Take a survey with 56questions
    o The survey should take about10 minutes
    o You may take this survey onthe computer or print a paper copy to give to me
    All participants will beentered into a drawing for a chance to win $25 Amazon gift cards. 8 people whotake the survey will win a gift card. Your data in this study is private. Theresults of this study may be used in reports, presentations, and publications.I will not identify you. Data will be kept in a locked drawer and saved forpossible future studies. You may also email me at or call me at 623-204-2758. Thank you!

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    Does the survey require any private information that identifies us to those who we might consider low EQ and lower IQ?

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