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Thread: New aa growth for skw

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    New aa growth for skw

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    Quote Originally Posted by ardvark View Post
    Much better rep then Envoy. They know they have to create an environment that not only attracts pilots, but keeps them as long as possible. The only reason Envoy exists today is because they have a ca$h cow who can throw just enough money in the right places (some, but not all pilots) to as few as possible coupled with a song and dance show that leads to a supposed pot of gold.

    Without that, Envoy would be on the brink of liquidation or acquisition. It’s stand alone internals (financial and reputation, thus attractiveness) are crap. The latest sprinkle of sugar the MEC sold out the pilots over won’t be sufficient and that means Envoy is still just where it was - a marginal pilot environment that will never be what others are just like AA.

    Nothing has been solved and nothing is likely to change, including Envoy’s destiny. It’s set to be a last place pilot “also ran” among its premier peers.
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