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Thread: Dacuj is RIGHT.

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    Dacuj is RIGHT.

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    “So, any new hire today could expect to stay on Small RJ CA pay rates for 7+ years.”

    “No captain will ever get top pay (i.e. 175 / LRJ / Pay Band C) until they’re about a year or so out from flow.”

“Anyone considering Envoy needs to know when they upgrade, regardless of equipment, they’ll only get 145 CA pay until they’re about a year and a half (at best) away from flow.”

    “Of course 6 years is a lot longer than the 2-3 months it takes to polish your resume, take your suit to the cleaners, go to a few job fairs, and get yourself a new job half a decade before your peers who wait for flow.”

    Envoy Payscales
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