Doug Parker Should Focus on His Own Staff...
July 21, 2019

Meanwhile, at his own airline, the suffering continues. The mechanics union has been forced by a judge order that American Airlines representation wrote to personally fine mechanics that refuse overtime.

How unhappy the flight attendants are with American Airlines management. The mechanics’ struggle to get a new contract despite working on the old contract that was due for re-negotiation several years ago.

Delays and a poor operational efficiency were dragging American Airlines profitability down before the mechanics’ struggle, and it has not since improved.

Doug Parker and American Airlines leadership are focused on the wrong things. They are busy formulating strategy on how to take away the unfair competitive edge of other carriers (with whom they partner) but fail to solve their problems which don’t require a meeting with the president.

Fixing the mechanics’ contract is the lowest hanging fruit to improve operations.

Doug Parker’s legal action against mechanics are just business-as-usual.