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Thread: Flight attendants at American Airlines' regional carrier PSA approved a new contract

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    Flight attendants at AA regional carrier PSA approved a new contract

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    The PSA contract covers about 1,300 flight attendants and gives pay raises of 6% to 19%

    senior FAís will make on average about $41,820.

    "This mutually-beneficial agreement is an important step in our future, allowing PSA to remain competitive and stable within the industry, while also rewarding our professional Flight Attendants with a well-deserved new contract for the important work they do on behalf of our airline," said a message sent to PSA employees by president Dion Flannery.

    Company hate you guys at Envoy, itís so obvious.
    Have you ever wonder why Envoy doesnít want you to remain competitive?
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    They want to look good to aag, running a cheaper operation, with that said, psa, rah, skw are growing covering more flight and region coverage than envoy.

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