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Thread: Another from the Frank Lorenzo’s Playbook.

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    Another from Frank Lorenzo’s Playbook.

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    Deception in law is an offence to obtain property. It is committed by deceiving, whether deliberately or recklessly, by words or conduct as to fact or law, including the person's present intentions. It is also an offence to obtain services in this way.

    Company never had any plans to accept the AIP, that’s considered deception “old fashioned lie”.

    AAG is using the system to deplete union resources. All they want is to keep the union busy and off guard.

    Forcing the union to go to court?

    Frank Lorenzo lost 85% of his cases, but kept creating incidences & grievances anyway.

    “American Airlines lawsuit against the unions representing its mechanics, the Transportation Workers Union (legacy American) and the International Association of Machinists (legacy US Airways)...”
    July 2, 2019

    This is just out of the Playbook. The parallels, red flags & beatings will continue...

    Which union group will be next?
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