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Thread: This one is for Dacuj.

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    This “One’s For You” - Dacuj 🍻

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    What you speak of above is nothing more than a bunch of garbage and LIES. You are just pulling that out of your rear end. Idiot

    I don’t see much celebration in HQ, and across the system, lots of management positions and employees losing their jobs, lots of positions been eliminated, lower and upper management AA employees replaced by US Air employees. After all US Air bought AA.

    I guess you are the only one celebrating while others are unemployed.

    Lowering your payroll is how you beat your estimates.

    AAG: American Airlines plans manager layoffs, buyouts to slim down 5 years after US Airways merger. The 5 years period was up December 21, 2018.

    “American said that there could be other layoffs.”

    Please Dacuj, tell me who is lying?

    When I say the flow will stop...
    It will stop in 2021. I don’t bluff...

    "I always tell the truth, even when I lie."
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    But dacuj lies even when he lies

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