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Thread: When a CEO loses faith in his company...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dacuj View Post
    We all know you are crazy with your rantings and what not but the above, well thatís just straight jacket material Dr. Lecter.

    How owe about some Shock and Awe. Envoy to become THE biggest national airline in the near future. Details to come...
    Regional Consolidation at the W/Oís by Date of Hire...?
    Time to check Piedmontís Seniority List.
    Time to flow will change for some.

    The regionals are becoming very hard to predict. Their existence depends on capacity purchase agreements with the majors. However, even SkyWest, which was long considered ďthe placeĒ to work, is having trouble recruiting and retaining pilots. Itís possible that, down the road, SkyWest and Republic may have to at least do the merger dance.
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