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Thread: Is Doug Parker leading the way or bluffing his way.

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    Is Doug Parker leading the way or bluffing his way.

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    After listening to him, you will believe this is his plan.

    “American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is fearlessly taking his airline to new heights. With an emphasis on building trust, collaboration, and developing caring leaders, Doug declares they’re building a culture at American Airlines today that will take them well into the future. He highlights their strategic objective to think long-term and what it takes to build a world-class airline by making culture a competitive advantage.
    Doug shares his story during turbulent times that changed his entire perspective to realize leadership is less about his career and all about the people who work there. Lessons learned, agility, strategic execution, leadership development, diversity, and inclusion, you’ll learn how Doug Parker, with a true frontline focus, is changing the way his airline does business.
    American Airlines, the world’s largest airline and a company whose service has no boundaries, is truly being led by a boundary-less leader. You’ll see how Doug Parker is leading the way. “

    ~Angel Carlton~

    Doug Parker words:

    * On transparency – “I view that as my job as much as anything, to be out talking with the team so that they can hear where their company is headed and how their company is doing. That’s how I best know how to get the organization to the place it needs to be, is being out talking to people.”
    * On building trust – “What we consistently tell the team is the only way we can build trust is to just do trustworthy things over a long period of time, and it’ll happen over time. It’s not going to happen overnight. We just need to keep doing trustworthy things over time.”
    * On agility - “We are figuring out ways we can be more nimble. It’s really about changing the way we design the work and the way you do the work as opposed to just putting items on a list and making sure they’re prioritized and staffed.”
    * On leadership development – “What we know is we need to go build the leaders of the future of the airline, and we need to create a culture that develops leaders. The first way is caring. The leader’s job is to create an environment that cares for our frontline team, and we need leaders to do that.”
    * On collaboration - “In today’s world, more important than ever, we need leaders that know how to work together. We want to have people that like working in teams and that like to succeed, but they really like seeing other people succeed and helping other people succeed.”

    ~Doug Parker~
    March 23, 2018

    Two months later Mr. Parker cashed out at the top.

    One year be the judge!
    “I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.”

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    My report card for last year shows :

    Corporate spin to create an impression - A

    Execution that results in a demonstration of walking the walk as opposed to talking the talk - F

    The “building trust” claim is especially interesting. Apparently he assumes trust will be given freely during a period when it is not being generated and then will already be in place when it is. He’s right, it takes time. So far, that time hasn’t even started let alone be at some point midway or finished. I suppose we’ll all just have to wait another year or two to begin that process. Meanwhile, each month that goes by, employees become more alienated and less likely to be able to be ever embrace trust when they begin to demonstrate that. Chances are Parker will be gone to other places by then anyway.
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