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Thread: Mr. Parker, appears your employees have a different agenda.

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    Mr. Parker, appears your employees have a different agenda.

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    According to Parker and Isom, American Airlines’ bottom line as 2019 is about to begin: “Our future is bright given the ongoing initiatives that will drive revenue improvement, our renewed focus on operational execution and the confidence we have in your to deliver extraordinary service to our customers.”
    January 2019

    In anticipation of American Airlines’ quarterly earnings report scheduled for January 24, 2019, the airline announced that their revenue for Q4 2018 and profit for 2018 will be less than previously expected. This isn’t great news if you’re an American Airlines investor.
    January 22, 2019

    Good luck in 2019!
    Nothing will be accomplished with low morale.

    Your 120,000 employees.
    “I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.”

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    They have high expectations.

    The “ongoing” initiatives of more RJ’s, working the mainline crews longer and harder while grudgingly awarding them feeble profit-sharing as they watch management bathe in huge bonus money aren’t likely to translate into extraordinary service by those doing all the rowing IMO. Perhaps they will intensify more surveillance programs in the hope direct intimidation and pressure will work as opposed to empty praise ?

    None of these ingredients have worked before here or elsewhere. The two largest costs for airlines are A. Fuel and B. Labor and AA (and Envoy) are enjoying competitively rock bottom costs in these areas, yet are significantly underperforming their competition be it the two premier legacies with higher labor costs or their fellow LCC’s with equal. More tone-deaf examples of talking the talk won’t cut it IMO. If fuel goes back up, AA is in real trouble.

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