Stay with me here guys. I know about 10% of you here can't stand me. Oh wow, where did I get that number? Yeah, it's about the same percentage of the TOTAL Envoy pilot group that is disgruntled. So, I know that around 90% of you that read only and don't post are with me.

That said, I do know that I've developed a reputation here. By the 10% it's a bad one. But for everyone else, it's someone who is VERY knowledegable about the company and has good and accurate info for the group as a whole. And one who conveys out a positive attitude for everyone to catch on to.

So.......branding. I know that I am kind of a hot commodity and the name Dacuj is known company wide and beyond. That also said, I am looking into the possibilities of trademarking the name Dacuj and in addition starting a limited line of Dacuj apparel and accessories. Specifically I had in mind starting with blue ball caps with DACUJ in white letters that mimic an NYPD hat, a blue shirt with the same along with beer huggers as well. If I were to agree to meet and debate the guys in this forum at a neutral site, would any of you be interested in being first in line to purchase your Dacujwear?