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Thread: A Good Piece On Scope!

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    Kirby's comment on being uncompetitive flying 50-seaters vs. competitors 76-seaters only holds water on the individual metrics of flying an extra 16 seats of revenue for virtually no increased labor costs. The extra pilot costs for the flight along with an extra F/A add up to what.............$30/hour more then a 50-seater ? Meaning, they can make more profit flying more seats for very little additional expense. Figuring 16 more seats of revenue, perhaps 2-4 seats will pay for the increased expense of the newer aircraft payments and operating costs. One seatback cover of one seat for the extra labor and the rest is profit.......give or take.

    Passengers don't book flights by aircraft type, but by price and convenience, so any claim passengers will avoid you for that reason vs. your competitors is prop wash. As for scope relaxation, it will indeed be interesting to see where that goes in the future. Of the 2 premium product legacies and AA LCC, I see the latter as the least likely to willingly give up scope due to the sentiment among the pilots about being short-changed so badly over the last 5 years since a positive "culture change" was promised. If Parker goes nuclear in some way, then just like the F/A's and mechanics, the "new" AA (really now the old America West on steroids with new paint and uniforms) will have a clean sweep with all front-line labor alienated not just to the past low points, but beneath it. IMO, they're pretty much there anyway, so perhaps they'll just say "WTF" and do whatever ?

    Simply yet another red flag in a sea of red flags. Rock-bottom labor relations NEVER bolster a product in a service industry. Never.
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