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Thread: Mergers ?

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    He is a slimmer

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    Quote Originally Posted by DolphinsFan View Post
    Most hypocritical BS I've ever read in my life. You calling out somebody who "supposedly" doesn't work here for posting in the Envoy forum while you post nonstop and 100% admit that YOU DON'T WORK HERE.
    What ?

    In this case, "hypocrisy" would be me claiming I speak for how Envoy employees feel about their company. I've never come on here or anywhere else claiming that. I'm also not the one claiming I'm on the way out the door to AA via flow and then 5 months later deny I'm at AA. I HAVE reported what others who DO work at Envoy have said (to me and others) and it's more in line with negativity then blissful joy. I HAVE pointed out the willful misrepresentation that you and he have made about the flow among other things. I HAVE made my opinions known on Envoy ALPA’s ethical bankruptcy and resulting impotence. I HAVE expressed my opinions about the risks of flowing to AA under the present environment and future red flags. Besides, that wasn't the point. The point was he claims not to work at AA (despite boasting the exact opposite back in March) and as someone who can't keep a straight story about where he DOES work, I found THAT hypocrisy, especially after his near infantile attack on me in the other thread and how he claims (in obnoxious fashion) only a few at AA aren't bullish on their new company's product. Since in the past he claimed to be the voice of the Envoy pilots and now he claims to be the voice of all the AA employees, I thought it appropriate to apply that right back at him.

    You're simply fitting your argument to support your misguided perception and its associated false narrative. As evidence I present the equally incorrect claim that I "post here nonstop". As for admissions, why do you attack me for admitting I don't work at Envoy (although did work for its predecessor for almost a quarter of a century) which is simple honesty, yet completely overlook the constant obfuscation and evasion coming from, I mean Dacuj about where he DOES work ?

    I'll see your claims of hypocrisy (in error to boot) and raise you a counter claim of extreme bias.
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