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What a Jackass comment !!

You’re at home evernight with your family.

the fact that you even made this bogus argument just highlights how ignorant someone can be. A line pilot with 320 hours TAFB is more than double the 160 you’re scheduled in your recruiting office.
you don't even work here! Why don't you move on to the Omni chat room or APC or somewhere else. Nobody cares how it was here for you back 10 years ago. Things have changed and Envoy is better in so many ways than "American Eagle." Yeah, 320 TAFB. Like you are working that whole time. You work a whole lot more than 160 hours a month on SA I can tell you for sure. What is it you hate about guys on SA or recruiting? They are putting everything out there on the line to help improve this place and its obvious things have changed for the better when you have 300 plus guys flowing to AA every single year.