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I assume your calculations only involve lost time at senior captain. That might be a good comparator in losing seniority (and thus pay) within AA compared to those getting onboard at AA sooner from non-flow sources while you wallow in the dripping trickle flow-thru line from Envoy, but if you are comparing going elsewhere, that's not a good comparison. Considering "time lost" with say, Delta in the equation though, one must also consider total compensation differences between pilot careers. AA is NOT Delta insofar as an airline pilot career from a compensation standpoint. Delta is putting first year pilots into captains positions and the career earnings for a pilot hired by Delta today will be vastly............and I mean VASTLY superior to one flowing to AA today considering Delta's superior contract and faster advancement. Dacuj crows about Envoy being the largest single source of monthly pilots to AA and if spun that way, it sounds great, but........................if looked upon another way, in 2018 over 2/3 of every AA class will be pilots from places OTHER then Envoy, so one can look at the flow to AA from more then one perspective. Dacuj is here though to twist that perspective into one way in the hope it produces lazy complacency and that leads to pilots short-changing THEMSLEVES.

As long as the flow runs at minimum trickle vs. what it could do, Envoy pilots are being short-changed if looking at AA as an internal equation as you do and that translates to REAL dollars lost. LOTS of dollars. But when compared to Delta...............it's a blowout and that's why it's bad enough when comparing those lost dollars in your consideration, but those who become complacent and stop aggressively looking elsewhere may be giving up even more depending on the non-AA comparator. The smart move IMO, is a philosophy of assuming the flow does not exist and basing your efforts at maximizing your career options based on that rather then accepting myopia and laziness like Dacuj wants you to do and just sit there like a lump waiting for your turn to flow to AA. BAD career move IMO.
Correct, I am only considering AA in these calculations. I ruled out Delta as a possibility years ago for various reasons, not the least of which is domicile options. I fully realize the earning potential there is much greater than that of AA, but since I conceded myself to going with Plan B (flowing), I'm only calculating money lost from a point of view of going to AA. I think UA might be roughly the same compensation-wise if I went there today, but again, domiciles are a problem, as are questions surrounding their future. Plus, SK going there is a huge negative.