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Thread: How long will it take for Delta Air Line to catch up with American Airlines?

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    Post How long will it take for Delta Air Line to catch up with American Airlines?

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    I think Delta is far better than American Airlines. I wonder when it will become #1 airlines. I believe it won't be long enough for Delta to catch up with AAL, with its fleet size nearing to 1000, it's already 996 now.

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    How log will it take Delta to "catch up" to AA ?

    I think that all depends on what you mean by such a question. If fleet size is the only consideration, Delta will have to expend a lot of capital to bring on new airplanes. A LOT of new airplanes as not just additions, but replacement for a much older fleet (which means their debt will increase). Another question though could be to ask how long will it take AA to "catch up" to Delta (if ever) in quality of product for the customers by matching the quality of the work environment (and compensation) for the employees who service those customers, especially pilots ?

    Considering the old AA has arguably simply morphed backward (been absorbed by) into the former US Airways (actually the former America West) in product and employee QWL, my guess is never, but would be happy to be proven wrong. The "#1" airline is not necessarily measured by the metric of size. The lions share of the US Airlines industry is a 3-way horse race and AA may claim size when compared to their peers, but that's about all IMO. I see it as still having the same old dysfunctional philosophies that never got it anywhere but where it was in the past and aside from wrapping (paint and uniforms), I don't see any significant changes for those that provide the product (airlines are essentially a service industry). A lot of 'talking the talk' and some superficial surface moves designed (it is hoped) to return more then it costs like pay rate increases for some employees like pilots which are still substantially inferior to the other two horses compensation who reward their pilots with decent profit-sharing for their efforts, etc., but not much 'walking the walk'. Considering Envoy is seen as the AA product like it or not, has anything of significance really changed here in the past few years (shiny planes notwithstanding), at least in the positive for pilots vs. the past ?

    It's an honest question. At any rate, I think Delta is poised to be the leader of the future with UAL second and AA third. Also considering AA mainline has contracted consistently in fleet size (not including RJ's) over the last several years and the S80, E-190, 767, likely eventually A330 along with older A320's and 737's all slated to leave the fleet in the next 5 years, AA may just relinquish the only metric they presently arguably own against their rivals. Delta and UAL are making it a top priority in making investments in their people, while AA is making theirs primarily in assets (at the cost of debt whether considered "good" debt or not) and shareholder and management wealth and so as all but the employees share more in the future while observing their peers at their competitors pull well away in compensation and QWL, the AA product can only inevitably suffer by comparison IMO and I think all the "talking" in the world wont change that. It looks like Delta's regionals will soon surpass AA in the pilot QWL dept.
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