Status: Completed
Director: Mike Mitchell,
Year: 2016
Theatrical release date: 11/04/2016
Duration: 82 minutes
Quality: The beautiful
Resolution: Full HD
Languages: English Subtitles + Cages english
Category: Movies wandering , theater humor , Cartoons, Movie theaters, Movies
Porn web site japanese 18+ in phone and PC Smoking.
Production company: DreamWorks Animation


Dwarf Troll - peaceful living creatures, love dancing, singing, but simultaneously favorite prey of Bergen. Bergen was an ugly race, never known happiness, and found pleasure only be eaten when the Troll.

Under the leadership of the King Peppy, the Troll eventually also escape the "lying on the table." Bang goes 20 years, dwarf kingdom decided to open feast to celebrate the time interval era welfare, happiness. Geneva kingdom, especially Princess Poppy, are looking forward to the big day. Only he joskin dwarf Branch Office scenario does not, because he hated the crowds and the noise .

And likewise the beams growling that same shot fireworks displays chewing child prompted a chef she's finding out where cloud Bergen dwarf hiding. Now, Poppy and Branch along reluctantly in the rescue kingdom.