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Thread: New York Codomicile agreement?

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    New York Codomicile agreement?

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    I was wanting tho look at and post the agreement, but I couldn't find it on the ALPA website like it said in the latest MEC email. Has anyone seen it?

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    Here ya go....





    and the


    in the service of



    as represented by




    NYC Co-Domicile


    THIS LETTER OF AGREEMENT is made and entered into in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Labor Act, as amended, by and between AMERICAN EAGLE AIRLINES, INC. and EXECUTIVE AIRLINES, INC. (the ?Company?), as represented by the AIR LINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION, INTERNATIONAL(?ALPA?or the ?Association?).

    1. The JFK and LGA domiciles will be established as co-domiciles (?NYC co-domicile? or ?co-domiciles?) for any current or future fleet type. The Parties will mutually agree on the timetable for implementation of co-domicile procedures beginning with Paragraph 15 below.

    2. The intent of this section is to guarantee that a pilot is always given the opportunity to be returned to the co-domicile location where his assignment began.

    3. The Company will build published lines of time consisting only of trip sequences which start and end at the same co-domicile for the entire contractual month, including transition trip sequences. For example, an LGA co-domicile line of time will contain only trip sequences that originate and terminate in LGA. A trip sequence may include a surface leg(s) between the co-domiciles. Reserve assignments will also start and end at the same co-domicile.

    4. At the pilot's request the Company will adjust awarded Open Time sequences so that they start and end at the same co-domicile (i.e., JFK or LGA). An Open Time sequence may include a surface leg(s) between the co-domiciles.

    5. A pilot whose trip sequence begins with a ground deadhead between co-domiciles will not be required to sign in at the co-domicile where his ground deadhead begins. A pilot must inform Crew Scheduling if he will not be utilizing the ground deadhead.

    6. If a pilot's ground deadhead at the completion of his sequence requires more time than what is originally scheduled he will notify crew scheduling of his arrival time at the co-domicile where his trip sequence originated and submit an RF message. A pilot is not considered to be in ?rest? pursuant to the Basic Agreement when deadheading and the provisions of Section 10.F. will apply.

    7. If an NYC-based pilot has a scheduled overnight at an airport within his co-domicile other than where his trip began, the pilot will, at his option, receive a surface deadhead back to the co-domicile location where his trip began or lodging in accordance with Section 5.A.

    8. The Company will provide transportation between co-domiciles, if necessary, due to cancellations or schedule changes which cause a pilot's sequence to terminate at a different co-domicile than where the sequence originated.

    a. Such time spent in transit will not be considered rest. The Company may modify any surface deadhead between co-domiciles which originally was scheduled within fourteen hours of duty to exceed fourteen hours of duty.

    b. Company-provided ground transportation will not require the pilot to pay from his personal funds and later submit for reimbursement.

    c. If the Company is prevented by duty limitations from deadheading the pilot to the co-domicile where his sequence began, the pilot may, at his option, be provided a hotel room followed by a deadhead after his rest period, or he may elect to be released at the co-domicile where his flying terminated.

    9. In the event a pilot experiences a mid-sequence loss of flying at a co-domicile location other than where the sequence originated, the loss of flying will be treated as an out-of-domicile loss of flying. If the Company elects to surface deadhead the pilot back to the location where the sequence originated, then it will provide, at the pilot's option, surface transportation back to reconnect with the pilot's sequence on the following day.

    Example: A pilot who begins his sequence at LGA and experiences a mid-sequence loss of flying at JFK will either be provided with transportation back to LGA or a hotel at JFK. If the company elects to surface deadhead the pilot back to LGA for the night, it must then subsequently surface deadhead the pilot from LGA to JFK the following morning, unless the pilot waives this provision.

    10. A pilot who drives his personal vehicle to either co-domicile airport will receive parking passes for both airports.

    11. A pilot on reserve may elect to receive two hundred ($200) dollars cash per month in lieu of the value of parking passes. Pilots who exercise this right will not be eligible for any other parking reimbursement.

    12. The reserve callout time for the NYC co-domicile is 180 minutes.

    13. Pilots will be paid for all ground deadheads between co-domiciles in accordance with Section 3.J.2.

    14. In addition to the commuter policy set forth in Section 11.S., NYC pilots will be permitted to exercise the provisions of Section 11.S. for commuting via ground transportation as well as air transportation. NYC pilots, who are permanently based in NYC, will be afforded two (2) additional opportunities to miss a flying assignment due to commuting difficulty.

    15. Pilots currently based at JFK or LGA will not be considered displaced under Section 15.K. as a function of establishing the New York (NYC) co-domicile. However, on a one-time, non-precedent setting basis, any pilot who is JFK or LGA based at the time the NYC co-domicile is enacted will be given a one-time ?opt out? opportunity to displace into another domicile so long as the displacement is into the same seat and equipment and he has the seniority to hold that same seat and equipment in the other domicile. A pilot choosing the ?opt out? opportunity who does not have the seniority to hold the same seat and equipment at another domicile will not be eligible to exercise the ?opt out? opportunity. Pilots exercising this ?opt out? option will be entitled to the involuntary moving expenses and move day provisions of Section 7 of the CBA. Pilots who wish to ?opt out? will have at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of implementation to notify management of this decision. The Company must post the method by which pilots will ?opt out.? These ?opt outs? will be effective by at least the date of implementation of the NYC co-domicile.

    16. Consistent with TDY at a single airport domicile, pilots TDY to the NYC co-domicile will be provided transportation to and from the airport of their assigned flying.

    17. JFK and LGA will be treated as a single NYC domicile for all purposes except as stated herein.

    This LETTER OF AGREEMENT shall become effective on the _____ day of _____, 2012 and shall remain in full force and effect concurrently with the Agreement.



    ____________________________ __________________________

    Lee Moak Dan Garton

    President President ? American Eagle Airlines

    ____________________________ __________________________

    Anthony Gutierrez Jim Winkley

    MEC Chairman Vice President Flight Operations


    Pedro Fabregas

    President ? Executive Airlines

    EGL ALPA Restructuring TA

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