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Thread: A translation of JW's letter - easier to understand!

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    Exclamation A translation of JW's letter - easier to understand!

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    March 14, 2014
    Attention all American Eagle Pilots RE: Tentative Agreement

    I wanted to take a couple of minutes and update you on the latest with our Tentative Agreement. I hope you have all been visiting the TA website that is accessible from the Flight Operations webpage. We are trying to keep it updated as we develop new ways to dodge questions and divide the pilot group.

    Pedro has put out some letters that I really hope you have seen and bought into. One is a great outline that highlights the “benefits” for our entire pilot group with this TA. The other is a more specific exaggeration geared towards our First Officers and dismisses concerns we heard about the 4 year cap. Yesterday he also sent out a letter to backpedal on some questions about the enhanced flow through. Please waste your time reading them.

    So what is next? Dee Temples, our Senior Vice President of Air Operations and myself will be performing in another desperate round of road shows beginning next Monday afternoon in the DFW crew room. We will be in DFW Monday and Tuesday afternoon, ORD Wednesday afternoon, and a short time Thursday morning, MIA Thursday afternoon and Friday. We will go to LGA on Monday the 24th, and JFK on the 25th. Please try to stop by and let us change your mind.

    We are also preparing a presentation that will be posted on the webpage that makes a distorted comparison of our TA and current contract to some of the other agreements we have been hearing about lately, specifically the Republic TA and SkyWest’s recent pay and related changes. When you look at them in their entirety, you will realize what we at Eagle are offering is far and away the most degrading option for all regional pilots in the industry. (We would like you to believe that our pilot applications surged after the Agreement in Principle was reached in January.) We will have this presentation available the middle of next week.

    Finally, we are planning on holding a couple of webinars with Pedro that will give you an opportunity to experience manipulative deception at its finest, directly from our President and CEO, about the hole we’re digging for this company with this agreement. You will be able to ask questions of him and our team. Logistics for the webinars are being worked out, and we will advise you as they become available.

    I understand that ALPA has begun their roadshows and the electronic voting opened yesterday and will close on Friday, March 28. I understand that with electronic balloting you will be able to change your vote if you so desire. Please take the time to educate yourself on the agreement and vote with your most selfish interests in mind, and forget about the thousands of pilots at other regional airlines whose agreements will certainly be affected by your vote, and feel no responsibility to future pilots who will have the true pleasure of living under the legacy you leave behind.

    Please vote “Yes.” My job depends on it.

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    could not have explained it better, thanks.
    Sir, can I have another.

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