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11-30-2012, 08:59 AM



Start with 281 aircraft. Minus the ATR's leaves you with 245 aircraft.
Minus the E135/140's (returning to EMB) leaves you with 165 aircraft.
165 aircraft made up of 118 E145's and 47 CRJ's.

AMR has renewed EMB 145 leases for 8-9 longer and CRJ (unknown how long).
AMR has agreed with EMB to return 2 current EMB aircraft and buy one E175 (according to possible new APA scope).
No guarantee of the E175's coming to MQ/EX, but we loose aircraft.

281 aircraft at 9 pilots per plane = 2529 pilots required.
118 aircraft at 9.5 pilots per plane ( difference for FTDT) = 1121 pilots required.

14 EMB's feed in ORD by CHQ.
23 CRJ's feed from Skywest
and more to come.

ALPA has been quiet on all fronts. All info coming from published news reports.

AE is hiring, for what who knows, maybe to have someone to fly the airplanes until they are returned to EMB and the furlough.
Flowthroughs might happen again, maybe 100 this year. AE is fat on pilots at current number of 3200+ on seniority list. So why the hiring. Why is AE carrying the ATR pilots now almost 1 year (that is good, but cant last for ever).

Does AMR have a secret order, that would have to go through the judge in BK?

11-30-2012, 11:23 AM
None of this really tells us anything anymore since they can give our airplanes away at will.

We are hiring for attrition, expected flow, FTDT, and a potential training bubble with new type. I believe AMR will give us new equipment IF we can staff it. AMR will dump the 135s in 2013 but not any others I think. So basically they're trying to stay ahead of the game (novel concept here I know, but I think Garton knows how difficult it's going to be for regionals). I think ultimately we're looking at about 2000 pilots for the mid-term (5-8 years), again IF we can keep that many here.

11-30-2012, 12:56 PM
Yeah I was under the impression that the 140's were going to be around for a bit longer than originally planned.
I know in Miami they are using the 140's for alot of the island hopping. Now the ATR held quite a bit more people so I'm not sure if they've added extra flights to cover the same amount of lift but if they did this actually means more pilots required to cover the old ATR flying.
FTDT is coming, looks like people may actually start to flow to AA and attrition all require more pilots just to maintain current staffing levels.
Seeing as they've been only getting 2-6 new hires per class, we have no choice but to shrink.

11-30-2012, 03:12 PM
I was told 135's gone in 2013 and 140's gone in 2014 by JW.