View Full Version : DAL diversions, are they being covered by Pinnacle low wages

01-09-2014, 10:10 PM
and is parker doing the same? off the wall I know, but this is the airline industry where logic does not exist.


Expensive Landing

The Delta incident involved a Boeing Co. (BA) 767-300ER wide-body aircraft carrying 216 customers, according to the Atlanta-based company. The plane followed established procedure in diverting to Shannon in western Ireland ?to have law enforcement address an unruly passenger,? spokesman Morgan Durrant said, declining to comment further.

Jennifer Lauren, who runs Jenny Lauren Jewelry in New York, pleaded guilty at an Irish court hearing, according to Shannon-based Carmody & Co., the firm of her solicitor Sharon Curley. She was fined 2,000 euros ($2,700).

While airlines can bill passengers for the expense of diversions and the resulting disruption, in practice they often view recovery of damages as too time-consuming and costly. The diversion caused by Lauren?s outburst cost the carrier more than $43,000, according to media reports. The airline declined to comment on damages.